MAY  10, 1990


Outside her   family's   Bakersfield apartment, 4-year-old  Jessica  Martinez   played.  Fate  would serve a  cruel  blow,  as the  worst  kind of  evil  'lay in wait.'  A  serial  pedophile  would  kidnap  this  

Child  of  God.  For  the  Nellie  Martinez  family,  the loss of sweet  Jessica  —  a  NIGHTMARE   

that never ends.  Only one question remains  -  SOMEONE,  SOMEWHERE,  knows  SOMETHING.


Who  will  STAND  UP  and  be  COUNTED ? ​ 

"Certainly  there  is  no  hunting  like  the  hunting  of  man  and  those who  have  hunted  armed  men  long  enough  and  liked  it, never  really care  for  anything  else  thereafter."

— Earnest Hemmingway

"Murder  ​is the ultimate act of depersonalization . . .  It transforms a living person with  hopes,  dreams,  and  fears  into a corpse, thereby taking away all that is  special  and  unique  about the  person.”  

— Justice Sandra Day O'Connor 

In  Bakersfield,  CA,  law  enforcement  personnel has all but  forgotten  that  Jessica  was a  unique  and  special  child  with  "hopes,  dreams,  and   fears." 

At the  hands  of a  vicious  serial  pedophile,  Jessica  was  led  away and brutally  murdered.

No one will ever know the  life  Jessica  might have led . . .  MIGHT  HAVE LED !  Cruelly,  her childhood was  robbed   from  her  as well. 

Jessica  will never experience the celebration of  her  Quinceañera, (fiesta de quince años),  marking the transition  from  childhood  to young  womanhood. 

Jessica's  Tree  of  Life  shall never  flourish  and  grow.  The lighting of  15 candles,  sharing

of   special  memories,  serve as a  bitter  reminder  of a  cherished  life  lost.  

Jessica  will never dress up  and attend  her  high  school  prom  . . . 

There's no  wedding  day . . . 

She  will never know the  joys  of   parenthood . . . 

Over  23  years  has elapsed, and the  KILLER  responsible for the horrific  MURDER  of 4-year-old Jessica  Martinez  continues to  elude  justice.  When will this  DESTROYER  of  CHILDREN  be stopped ?

Some  wounds  never  heal   —   grieving   families  endure a living  hell,  and that's a  tragedy.

There’s nothing anyone can do to ease the  pain  and  suffering  of  Jessica’s  mother,  Nellie  Martinez,  and that's a  tragedy. 

There’s nothing anyone can do to ease the  pain  of  Jessica’s  big brother,  Rudy.  Serving multiple military tours  in  Iraq,  Rudy  carried the  burden  of  Jessica's  unsolved  murder,  and that's a  tragedy.

There’s nothing anyone can do to ease the  pain  of   Jessica's   younger  brother,  Ramiro,  growing up with the  haunted  story  of  his  murdered  sister,  a love one  he never knew, and that's a  tragedy.

There's nothing anyone can do to ease the  pain  of the  Martinez  family  as a whole, their  friends, untold number of   supporters,  and that's a  tragedy.

There's never going to be another  PERSON  like  JESSICA  -  and that's the greatest   TRAGEDY   of  all.




"The loss of any  child  is  tragic  enough  —  but  murder?   

"How does a  mother  or  father  find the  strength  to hold it together?  


"Men like  John Walsh  and  Marc Klaas,  modern-day  American  Heroes,  turning  “Scars into  Stars.”   Surviving  heart  wrenching  experiences, they would not stand  defeated.  In  defense  of   children  everywhere, by their  noble  example,  exemplifies the kind of  leadership  this

country  longs for and desperately needs.

"Dedicated to  missing  and  murdered  children,  people of  faith  understand the  power  of prayer.  Indeed, a moment of  reflection  and  supplication  for the many  families  whose  son  or daughter  never made it  home."







Communities,  great and small, the  moral  compass  of any  elected  or  appointed  official  isn’t difficult to  measure  or  evaluate.  When righting  terrible  wrongs,  the greatest at  risk are always the  young  and  defenseless.  No  higher calling  exists than standing up in  defense  of  a  CHILD. 

      —  Mark A. Bingaman

Author of  Vanished In Broad Daylight

















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